ICJR.net is undergoing renovations to upgrade the website's features and functionality, with the goal of improving your user experience.

During this process, some parts of the website you're used to seeing won't be available, and we apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

We'll be busy working in the background to minimize the disruption and bring the website back online as quickly as possible. To thank you for your patience during this process, we are pleased to offer you the discounted meeting registration rate we charge ICJR members, regardless of your membership status. This offer is good for any ICJR meeting the rest of 2017, but only for a limited time while the website is being upgraded.

For information about and to register for an upcoming ICJR course, please use the following links:

ICJR Transatlantic Orthopaedic Congress: https://foreonline.org/event/icjr-transatlantic-orthopaedic-congress/

ICJR Direct Anterior Approach Hip Course: https://foreonline.org/event/6th-annual-direct-anterior-approach-hip-course/

David A. McQueen 25th Annual Perspectives in TJA Course - Flint Oak: https://foreonline.org/event/icjr-flint-oak-course/

ICJR Shoulder Course: https://foreonline.org/event/6th-annual-shoulder/

ICJR Winter Hip and Knee Course: https://foreonline.org/event/10th-annual-winter-hip-knee-course/

If you need any assistance with course registration, membership, or any other issues related to the website, please email us at info@icjr.net